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It was the way I was nurtured into my first form of communication. A 24'' wide by 36'' high sketch book was placed on a big wall for a small me. I looked up at it and spoke the language. Art was the reason I had arrived.

My current body of work is the result of an inner conversation about making art in the Aquarian age. My new source material is malleable, it illuminates light and it's everywhere.

So I've but down my brushes in order to commit to a more duty bound and environmentally aware approach to the process. It is the beginning of something. It's the cork popping on my new passion for plastic.

The vision is about changing the face, form and function of litter. The desired scope is art, objects, product, architectural installation. As well as workshops and advancing into community and partnership. The mission is to re purpose this mutated , yet delightful material. The goal is no less than to change the world one bottle at a time.



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