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Advantages of location allowed me to worship at the temple of art, that being Manhattan's abundance. Another advantage was artist parents and coming of age in the late 50's and the inspired 60's. Art education began in and around home. Home expanded to Italy's north, my mother's roots and a second language. Art education...., Kansas City Art Institute, Chicago Art Institute, back to NYC and, Lester Polakov School of Theater Design and The Art Students League.

Life, art and living has influenced a narrative of transformation and producing art that means something. The mastery of drawing came first. It was the basics and I loved it. Painting went from the lust of using the brush to building texture, and I learned from it. In 2010 2D evolved into 3D, so that's " what's cookin" in my studio currently. Now it's sculpture in plastic and discarded materials because I'm called to it.

4 decades of exhibiting work, and selling....4 decades of behind the scenes work in film and television, functioned as the snake who was eating his own tail. The dawn of the 6th decade is a new script as priorities and my studio win the race. So goes the conscious matrix of beginnings meeting their endings, always back to new beginnings, with an emphasis on gratitude.

Architects: Lily Zand, Oliver Schaper, Youssef Bahri
Designers: Ann Roth, Bob Guerra, Mina Albergo
Director: Susan Smitman
Also: Myrna Colley Lee and Morgan Freeman, Meg Staley and Jerry Gretzinger, John Rockwell, Michelle Giordano, Victor and Penny Whitehurst,
Cynthia Parker Frye
Portrait commissions: Nicki Ledermann, Stephanie Pasicov, Tania Ribalow, Howard Copeland



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